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For our work, we depend on the support provided by the Internet community. To make this independent DNS Network proper functioning we need DNS root servers. This DNS root servers act as a central "phone book" for domain names, such as That's also where we still face a little constraint on the technical side.

The type of servers that are provided and operated by the ORSN project is only a small part of the DNS information (root zone). It functions like the A-Z index in a book. The future 13 ORSN root servers are only able to recognize the right part of the web addresses.

ORSN is only able to recognize .org,. de, .net .com and about an other 1579 TLD entries which are stored.

These records are linked to other DNS servers who are able to detect the middle part of the domain as for example orsn. This is the second part of the web addressee and is called second-level domain or SLD. This DNS server called Top-Level Domain-Server (TLD) doesn't have to save all the information as he is getting feed info from the actual DNS-Server of the Internet provider ISP or the user who runs their own DNS server. These TLD servers are operated by so-called registries. The German registries the DENIC eG is based in Frankfurt.

For a detailed explanation of how the domain name system (short DNS) works there are pages of information and a few links at the bottom of the page.

How can the Internet community support us?

A system depends on its users and the more intense the free ORSN network is used, the more we can grow and make a difference in our day to day life's for the internet surfer. For the entire project to be successful, we need the Internet service providers to move from the ICANN-based DNS root server network to our infrastructure. Again you can freely register with our DNS-Caching-Server. Because we want to ensure maximum performance, no logging is necessary on all our DNS servers. The additional benefit for the user is that we have no control over your movements in the net as users. So happy Internet serving with the pace of mined that no one is spying on you.
We like to emphasize the important with our free service that we need the support from the community and companies who help us in forums and with the provision of DNS root servers. As of August 1, 2013, we haven't jet included all 13 servers. Therefore everyone who has a serious interest to run a server and can ensure the required quality standards of the operation, please contact us.

To be helpful to us your hard and software has to have a hig name resolution and therefore must have a dedicated or virtualized platforms with guaranteed CPU and network resources. An existing gaming or Web servers are therefore excluded. DNS root server will need to be able to handle increased network traffic to cope with high demands , which completely excludes an ADSL/SDSL line. Our systems are typically linked to 100-1000 Mbit/s network lines. This dramatically shortens the waiting time to connect.

For further questions please don't hesitate to contact the project team.

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